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   Metso is a world-leading industrial company offering equipment and services for the sustainable processing and flow of natural resources in the mining, aggregates, recycling and process industries. With our unique knowledge and innovative solutions, we help our customers improve their operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase profitability. Metso employs over 12,000 people in more than 50 countries.As a subsidiary of metso, Fabic Co.,ltd. supplies 3 major series of products totaling 100 varieties and specifications of high temperature, high pressure, valves, safety valves, as well as ball valves with actuators for petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, coal chemical industry, power station, urban construction, water supply, oil, gas and natural gas transportation, long transportation pipeline and other projects. Nominal diameter DN10~1000mm(1/2"~40"), nominal pressure 1.6MPa ~ 42Mpa(150Lb ~ 2,500Lb), working temperature -196 ~ 750. Valve materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resistant alloy steel, Monel, low temperature steel, and other special types of steel. Driving modes include manual, electric, pneumatic, gear transmission, worm gear and worm transmission, pneumatic and hydraulic combined, electric and hydraulic combined, and computer programmed control system.